Specialist in video consultations substracting medical indicators by facial biometry

100% technology owned

Learning based on Artificial Intelligence and Video technology.
Just intime without accessories or devices needed, only using facial biometrics.
We are based on the correct signal extraction of facial skin segments through video stream

What do we do?

Constant monitoring of Vitals through video consultations

Clinically proven with medical grade accuracy.

Heart rate

Also known as pulse, it is the number of times the person's heart beats per minute

Oxygen saturation The percentage of oxyhemoglobin (hemoglobin bound to oxygen) in the blood

Breathing frequency The person's respiratory rate is the number of breaths per minute

Breathing frequency

The person's respiratory rate is the number of breaths per minute

Mental stress level

Based on Baevsky level measurements and the US / Europe index

HRV (heart rate variability)

The physiological phenomenon of variation in the time interval between heartbeats

Blood pressure, blood alcohol (COMING SOON)


How do we do it?

Face detection

We detect at all times the face of the assistant to the video consultation

Motion compensation

We stabilize movements of the face invaluable to the human eye

Illumination normalization (external source elimination)

We stabilize the light source so that it does not alter the image processing.

Selection of skin region of interest

We focus on regions of the face where blood flow is most noticeable

Identification and processing of pixels

We remove the indicators of the waves created by the difference in color caused by blood movement



From any phone, laptop or tablet always accessible from anywhere


We recognize and identify the patient and the doctor


Without the need for the patient to do anything, their parameters are taken as an aid or guide for later a medical diagnosis.


Easy adaptation to clients


It can run in the background in any application.


Accessed only with a link


The autonomic nervous system regulates a multitude of effortless bodily processes and is responsible for regulating the involuntary functions of the body such as heartbeat, flow, respiration and digestion.

In a study with 1000 patients, an error of less than 2 BPM has been observed


Regarding the identification of people, we do not save images only patterns touched on blockchain servers.

We do not keep video which is where the vital signs are.

The identified patient would have to sign a consent to have the constants taken.


We integrate easily with any platform acting as a white label if required by the client

“In these times of pandemic online telemedicine solutions manage to guarantee our daily dynamics. “


Sign of deterioration

Tachycardia, tachypnea, and lower oxygen saturation are early indicators of deterioration


Temperature greater than 37, sound in the lungs, pulse greater than 100 and oxygen saturation less than 95% are indicators that patients usually have


Temperature over 38, pulse over 110 beats / minute, oxygen saturation less than 92% and breaths per minute greater than 30 are indicators that patients of this disease usually have

Clinically proven technology